Thursday, February 23, 2017

2017 starting off with some thank you elements in old World Style

Havent posted in a while, but thought I should drop these in here for folks to enjoy. Just a few so far of 2017's Thank You elements. This time around: Old World Style bubbling tar pits!

Right click each image to "Save image as". Hope you enjoy! - R

Monday, July 18, 2016

2016 Thank you elements in Old World Style

2016 continues to be a great year as we grow our digital worlds.  We of course want to say thank you to our fans by putting up more Thank you elements in PNG format. Just right click and save the image as for your free OWS elements! Enjoy

First, a little camping fun:

And some herd animal icons for cattle, sheep and horses for the world level.

We will be adding some more snowy hills like the ones below for use with OWS arctic and winter sets. 

For our Tower Descent fans, two versions of the tower, light and dark.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Coming Soon - Tower Descent

The latest collaborative effort with Dan Wolters, Tower Descent is a multi level map set ready to plug and play! The levels have largely been left unpopulated or not decorated, allowing GM's to decorate and design as they want.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Set 13 submitted!

Very excited as Scene Additions set 13: Maps Pit traps and Treefalls is submitted to the Roll20 marketplace.

This set encompasses grid numbers 1-5 on rows F, G and H. Grid map H4M is an underground map included for an overlay on H4 for an extra touch. As you may remember, 6-9 grid map pieces are all a part of set 12. Variations of G6 & G7 are found in Tent Bazaar (set 10), H6 & H7 variations are found in Wagon Merchants (set 9). And those of you who feel H9 seems familiar, try Keep Secrets...

Happy Mapping!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

the next 15 sections

Working on the next fifteen sections, tying into the two separated areas on the map from last post.

You can see from the inserted thumbs, Grid sections F1-F5 are now ready, as well as G1-G3. Tying up the loose ends on G4 & 5, and the lake bed has now been created all the way around. 

I find it exciting to see the map fill continuously filling in like this! I hope you enjoy seeing it fill in as well over the next few months.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Continuing with some full color backgrounds

For those familiar with the Merchant Wagons and Tent Bazaar sets, you may have noticed there are variations of the maps. Have you noticed that the sections of map from one set align with the maps from the other set as well? So here's the plan:

A few weeks ago, when planning for the Scene Additions sets 9 & 10, I decided to start building a world. It is the reason there are variations of the maps included in the sets, and so that GM's could reuse the sets with different variations for different adventures. It's that whole bang for your buck, and and idea that I hope folks who purchase my work enjoy.  So above, as you can see, is a screen shot clip of a topo map I had created. Each grid piece represents a 20x20 square map on the 140x140 pixel ratio layout. 

Notice the maps from set 9 & 10? as well as Keep Secrets? yeah, they are being designed with the intent of expanding the usability (I hope) of the maps with a mix and match of variations. The lake is being redesigned with a couple new themes as well and will be included in set12:

Not sure how folks will respond to this, so if you have some feedback, that would be great. At present, I'm thinking somewhere between 10-16 map backgrounds with at least 3 variations (trees, no trees, wagon tracks and pristine). Each set like this will also include a separate element, building on past sets. For instance, I am designing some campgrounds for this set that can be put anywhere (within reason) on the maps, or used for other maps. 


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Some quick roads, enjoy!

Will recently asked for some roads for the world map view. So I thought I would make a quick set for everyone to enjoy! For use with Old World Style as roads for world view, or maybe a path of sorts for the regional level zoom.

Here you are Will!

(right click --->save image as ---> (put into the folder you want))